Adult Faith Formation Strategies


“. . .  every parish even remotely interested in providing quality faith formation for its fully initiated adults must have this resource”

                                                                                Cullen W. Schippe

Published: August 2006

Pages: 486

Format: Three-ring binder with CD-ROM

Tom Zanzig & Shirley Kelter, Editors

Adult Faith Formation Strategies

offers over 170 creative strategies for adult faith formation in almost any setting. The mix-’n-match strategies are organized within categories by themes and packaged in a high-quality three-ring binder. Buyers have the right to reproduce and combine strategies as they wish. A CD-ROM containing the entire manual is included, allowing you to search for, cut-and-copy, and customize strategies to fit your needs.

Adult Faith Formation Strategies


  1.     discussion starters

  2.     group exercises

  3.     reflection guides

  4.     Bible searches and studies

  5.     prayer rituals and services

  6.     simulation games

  7.     guided meditations

  8.     presentation outlines

Over 60 of the strategies include handouts that can be photocopied and distributed or customized using the CD-ROM.

Adult Faith Formation Strategies

gathers more than twenty great strategies for each of these seven key themes:

  1.     Jesus and Discipleship

  2.     Spirituality

  3.     Scripture

  4.     Catholic Life and Practice

  5.     Sacraments and Liturgy

  6.     Morality

  7.     Peace and Social Justice

Each thematic category is set off by a sturdy tabbed divider that lists all of that category’s learning activities, prayer experiences, and presentations. The CD-ROM allows you to go to any strategy just by clicking on its title.

Adult Faith Formation Strategies is a ministry treasure chest! Its more than 170 creative strategies can be integrated into any adult faith gathering. Mix and match them to customize learning experiences that meet the specific needs of your adults. You don’t need to start all over . . . again. Do what you’re doing, but do it more creatively, effectively, and easily. This resource will show you how!

Adult Faith Formation Strategies is a ministry treasure chest!

Use Adult Faith Formation Strategies in:

  1.     adult education courses              

  2.     catechist training

  3.     RCIA programs

  4.     seasonal events

  5.     patent meetings

  6.     pastoral staff formation