Audio Resources


Here are audio recordings of major presentations I’ve delivered on topics related to adult spirituality and faith formation. Click on the title to listen to or download a talk. Following each title is a brief description of the content. Also, when a handout is available for a presentation, I provide a link to it. I’ll continue to add new recordings as they become available.

        Note: These presume the use of QuickTime Media Player. If you don’t already have that in your system, it can be downloaded for free. Feel free to contact me if you have any problems.

In this presentation I summarize my basic theory of adult faith formation, suggest a hopeful direction for the future, and then describe a series of concrete, practical strategies for moving us in that direction. Click here for a related handout.

What does a mature Catholic “look like”? For the Catholic Christian, where is the process of transformation leading us? In this presentation I offer some initial insights into the nature of maturity. I then identify eleven qualities or traits that I believe flow logically from my understanding of the spiritual life and, more specifically, Christian conversion. Click here for a related handout.

Our identity as Christians involves two major components: our evolving personal relationship with God (our personal faith) and the way we live out that relationship within a community of faith (communal religion). The interplay between personal spirituality and communal religion develops and shifts throughout our lives and is filled with twists and turns, joys and tensions. In this presentation I explore these dynamics and their pastoral implications.  Click here for a related handout.

Sometimes we think too big, developing visions and expectations of others and ourselves that overwhelm and frustrate us. In this presentation I encourage us to think small, to imagine what might happen--in our own livers, in our ministries, in our parishes--if we could just get enough people to do a little. After listening, you might wonder, “Can it really be this simple?!” Click here for a related handout.

As a young adult, my daughter, Barb, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For over a decade we have walked that difficult journey together. For Barb, the struggle was to learn over time and after much pain and heartache how to live with and manage her disease. For me, the struggle was to be the kind of father--indeed, the kind of person--she needed me to me. For both of us, this has also been a time of spiritual discovery and healing, a time to learn lessons “by heart” that we might well have never learned any other way. In this presentation we tell our story and share the wisdom we have gained from living it together.

Krista Tippett’s Speaking of Faith

If you haven’t already done so, I strongly encourage you to check out what I believe to be the finest radio program available on matters of spirituality, faith, and religion. The host, Krista Tippett, is an extraordinary interviewer, and her wise and respected guests span the broad range of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices. Click here for her home page.

Below are links to five interviews of particular relevance to Catholics and represent well the range of her interests and the stature of her quests.  But I find one of the greatest joys and benefits of her program is exposure to a wide range of ideas and persons I might not otherwise encounter. At the top of her home page click on “Archives” and see what I mean. The interviews are collected under headings for each year. Enjoy!

In a departure from the program’s regular format, a group of “average” Catholics offer insights into their experience of Catholicism.

With famed church historian, Jeroslav Pelikan

With poet and writer, John O’Donohue

With founder, Jean Vanier

With Joan Chittister