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Adult Faith Formation: If It Is Broke, Let’s Fix It!Handouts_files/AFF%20Handouts-%20Total.pdf

A summary of my take on adult faith formation: problematic presumptions; timely transitions; principles for effective programming; my personal vision statement for AFF; practical resources

A brief summary of my cyclic model of conversion. A more complete presentation with multiple handouts follows. For a graphic image of the model, click here.

A thorough presentation of my cyclic model of conversion, an exploration of the complex dynamics of the spiritual life. Note well: This short essay includes links to six handouts, which are also offered below as individual files. I suggest that you first read this overview presentation and its links; that will give you a thorough sense of my model of the spiritual life. You can then click on individual handouts as you wish.  

A  Cyclic Model of Conversion: A Brief Introduction Handouts_files/Conversion%20Notes--Simple.pdfHandouts_files/Conversion%20Notes--Simple_1.pdfshapeimage_3_link_0

The following handouts summarize major elements of my model of  the spiritual life, which I also refer to as the dynamics of lifelong conversion. To fully understand the context of these handouts, see the previous essay, “Lifelong Conversion: The Dynamics of the Spiritual Life.”

A simple graphic image of the cyclic model and its four movements of hunger, search, awakening, and response.

A chart summarizing the multiple levels of human experience within which the cyclic process of transformation takes place; suggests positive and negative poles (“horizons”) toward which we might move.

A more organic and graphic representation of the dimensions of conversion, suggesting that growth within the dimensions moves us toward deepening integration as persons and, for Christians, growing identification with Jesus Christ.

A summary of the process of transformation by which Christians grow in identification with Jesus.

A chart summarizing how the process of conversion unfolds through stages within a community of faith which is itself being transformed in Christ.

Suggestions for those who wish to nurture the process of lifelong conversion within individuals and groups.

The following handouts summarize some of my other major presentations.  These, too, further explore the broad themes of adult spirituality and faith formation.

What does a mature Catholic “look like”? For the Catholic Christian, where is the process of transformation leading us? This handout identifies eleven qualities or traits that I believe flow logically from my understanding of the spiritual life and, more specifically, Christian conversion.

In my video workshop, Jesus the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship, I explore two major paradigms for understanding Jesus and his message. I then describe how our understanding of Jesus directly impacts our self-understanding as his disciples. This handout summarizes those concepts.

A few years ago I discovered a very simple but, for me, profound way to “pray always.” And of all the things I offer in workshops and retreats, I get more positive feedback from this than almost anything else. If you want to learn more about it, here’s a link to an audio presentation I did on what I call “the one-minute meditation.”

My model of lifelong conversion and the spiritual life suggests that the goal or outcome of spiritual transformation is deepening integration as persons. Another word shares the same root as integration--integrity. What does it mean to live my faith--and practice my religion--in a way that assures my own integrity as a person and a Christian? This handout identifies ten touchstones or principles for becoming such a person.

What does it mean to have a “religious identity”? How does one’s religious identity evolve and develop through the life process? This handout loads a lot onto one page--a summary of the religious and spirituality characteristics of a Christian throughout the life process. Here’s a link to a related audio presentation.

A chart summarizing twelve spiritual disciplines and suggesting practices that might help make them part of one’s life.

An illustration of how the spiritual disciplines named in the handout above might connect to the Spirituality Wheel in my model of transformation.

Spiritual Disciplines & the Spirituality WheelHandouts_files/Wheel%20+%20Disciplines%20for%20Web.tiffHandouts_files/Wheel%20+%20Disciplines%20for%20Web_1.tiffshapeimage_4_link_0