Jesus the Way:

The Path of Christian Discipleship


Published: April 2007

Format: Program includes a 96-minute video    

    DVD, a leader’s guide in three-ring

    binder, a prayer music CD, and packet of 10

    participant notebooks  


A Video Workshop

with Tom Zanzig

Program Components:

  1.     96-minute video DVD, with three roughly 30-minute presentations

  2.     Leader’s Guide with detailed directions for conducting three sessions

  3.     Packet of 10 Participant Notebooks

  4.     CD of prayer music

The core content of Jesus the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship is provided in a DVD video with three 30-minute presentations by Tom:

  1.     “Understanding Jesus: Two Perspectives” helps participants make sense of recent developments in Christology and offers a balanced view of Jesus.

  2.     “Following Jesus: Christian Spirituality” explores how our Christology influences our self-understanding and personal spirituality.

  3.     “Identifying with Jesus: No Longer I Who Live” presents a process of spiritual transformation and proposes where that process will take us--into the very heart of God.

Jesus the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship explores two questions at the heart of Christian identity: (1) Who is Jesus? and (2) Who am I called to be as his disciple? In this enlightening and thought-provoking video workshop, Tom helps us discover solid and inspiring answers to those questions.

The group process directions for Jesus the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship are presented in the remarkably helpful Leader’s Guide, including:

  1.     a thorough introduction for the program leader

  2.     detailed directions for guiding three interactive two-hour sessions

  3.     complete prayer services for each session (including a prayer music CD)

  4.     optional program models, including guidance for combining the three sessions into day-long seasonal programs or retreats

  5.      a reproducible essay on current trends in Christology, which can be offered as a supplemental resource for interested participants

  6.     a reproducible participation evaluation form for gaining helpful feedback

Finally, Jesus the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship includes 10 copies of an attractively designed 48-page Participant Notebook, including:

  1.     outlines of each presentation for note-taking while attending sessions

  2.     summaries of major content

  3.     prayer guides including song lyrics

  4.     suggestions for personal reflection

  5.     recommendations for further study



Use Jesus the Way in:

  1.     catechist formation

  2.     RCIA units on Jesus and spirituality

  3.     adult education courses

  4.     special seasonal programs, especially Advent or Lent

  5.     day-long formation or retreat days

Click on these buttons for a sample clip from each of the three presentations in Jesus the Way. Note that the clips are compressed files for the Web; the actual video is higher quality.

Video Clip 1JtW_Product_Page_files/JtW%20Clip%201%20HQ.mp4
Video Clip 2JtW_Product_Page_files/JtW%20Clip%202%20HQ.mp4
Video Clip 3JtW_Product_Page_files/JtW%20Clip%203%20HQ.mp4

“We were so blessed to have this fantastic program! The presentations, prayer services, rituals, and music combine to introduce powerful themes about Jesus. It’s a complete package that can be used in so many ways. We’ve used it with catechists, parents, and the adults in our Generations of Faith program. It combines sound theology with a highly creative learning process. One participant said to me, ‘Thank you for the gift of Jesus’ humanity. I now understand I am one with Jesus in all I do.’ Another said, ‘I’ve always done service. But now I realize I am a disciple of Jesus bringing Him to the world!” I have such wonderful memories of the whole process.”

                                       Mary Ann Ronan

                                       Director of Faith Formation, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Phoenix

                                       President, National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL)


For sample clips, see bottom of page.