Other Resources




In this section I’ll collect helpful resources I come across or create--magazine articles, book suggestions, training ideas, and other helpful materials--related to adult spirituality and faith formation. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

This article by Jane Regan was published in America Magazine on September 22, 2003. It reflects well some of my own concerns and insights regarding contemporary adult faith formation. For more of Regan’s helpful guidance see her book, Toward an Adult Church (2002, Loyola Press).

A powerful and uplifting reading about keeping hope alive in a challenging time. I like to conclude  some of my workshops and retreats with this.

I wrote this article for the journal, Lifelong Faith (Fall, 2012). It summarizes my entire theory of Adult Faith Formation, identifying spiritual transformation as both the primary purpose and organizing principle of our ministerial efforts with adults. The article also provides practical strategies and a five-year plan for renewing AFF in parishes and congregations.