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Many of the resources provided within the five categories below are cross-referenced with other sections of my Web site. For example, a presentation handout may link to an audiotape of the actual presentation. Just click on the links if you wish to review the related material.

        Other resources--especially under the “Other” and “Recommended Reading” categories--are independent pieces. All resources, however, were selected because of their relevance to the broad themes of adult spirituality and adult faith formation.

        A word about two of the categories:

  1. “Other” is a catchall for random resources I come across or create that don’t reasonably fit anywhere else. I provide a brief description of each to help you decide whether it might be helpful.

  2. “Recommended Reading” presents a conundrum for me, since I read a lot of good stuff that I’d like to share with others. But in keeping with the focus of the Website, I’ll try to restrain myself and suggest only materials directly related to adult spirituality and adult faith formation. Those categories still let me cast the net pretty wide!


        Finally, I invite you to recommend helpful resources as well. [My contact information. ] To maintain the focus of the site I’ll review the suggested materials first to make sure they fit. In any case, I’ll try to respond quickly to whatever you offer.